Approach: How we work

(punktwissen. Created: 2005-11-30. Changed: 2019-05-24. Tags: Approach, Austria, Burgenland, Engineering, punktwissen. Deutsche Version dieses Artikels: Prinzipien)

We get to the point (Punkt) and boil down knowledge (Wissen) to the essential information.

Helping clients to help themselves, we aim at making ourselves redundant.

We focus on the efficient use of existing resources, on optimization, and renovation.

We don't sell products, and we don't pay for leads.

As vendor-agnostic consultants we work as trusted advisors to the end client.

We provide extensive documentation, but our motto is: Just as much compliance and security as needed.

We consider ourselves craftspeople with solid hands-on experience, scrutinizing 'visionary' buzz-words.

Our project partners appreciate our down-to-earth approach combining no-nonsense attitude and a handful of humour.